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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 2, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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jillian: motorcycle crash caught on a go pro-camera. whoa. how did that happen? wow, okay. a car running a red light slamming into that black suv and sending the motorcycle driver flying off the bike in texas. rob: we're out of time. have a good monday; see you later. >> no more daca deal, the latest word from president trump blaming democrats. >> democrats by mr. it mexico has to help us at the border. >> caravan coming. must go to nuclear option to pass laws now. >> appoint ago federal prosecutor to investigate alleged fisa abuse. is it enough? >> we have republican truth and democrat truth. we need to get to the nonpartisan truth. i think a special counsel is still going to be needed. >> a state trooper giving a final radio call before
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before special retirement. >> i would to thank everybody for everything they have done. it's been a privilege. >> 37,000 people will arrive for the annual easter egg roll. the president and first lady will greet children, families at the 140th annual event. ♪ ♪ brian: 10 minutes ago people were saying where was the snow? they got it wrong. next thing you know it inside and no rain. ainsley: yesterday i was bundled up for easter. still wearing their easter clothes with coats on them. and today it is snowing. brian: snow in april is illegal. ainsley: is it? who should we aarrest? brian: everybody. every meteorologist. go get them. steve: thank you very much for joining us on this easter monday.
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a lot of festivities. don't know if it's snowing at our nation's capitol. it's been tradition olden days. brian: way to ease abby back go out in the snow in washington. who knows. she might be talking to the president by the end of our show. ainsley: i would not be surprised. last time he came out and talked to her. brian: i saw his g.p.s., and he lives there really. and he will be there. why wouldn't he walk over to abby huntsman? ainsley: did he last year. he gave an exclusive to fox news. i was out there covering it and i said mr. president, could i steal a quick interview and did he it. brian: just like that. ainsley: we will definitely hear from eric trump is going to be on the show. steve: and kellyanne conway and sarah huckabee sanders. let's talk about the president of the united states. he was actually tweeting in his motor said he's went from mar-a-lago over to bethesda by the sea church. his topic was our southern border. ainsley: that's right. he was saying that the daca
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deal is done. hey, we gave the democrats a chance to pass this deal. aren't allow 800,000 plus. 1.8 million to stay in the country? guess what, that deal is done. brian: he ininterpreted the fact that daca is not done and not coming down in the future. maybe somebody in central america is getting green light to america. if you get here you are will get a path to citizenship unlike the illegals here. regardless of the school of thought. next thing you know there is footage and caravan that includes about 1,000 people, including women and children. most of which from honduras that are making their way our direction. and possibly to overwhelm the border guards and being that we don't have a wall, nor are are we really constructing one. the president feels the frustration of something happening that happened to president obama back in 2001. steve: all right. so the president tweeted this out yesterday. ainsley: he said:
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he is saying that the catch and release program is unbelievable. once they step foot, have you got 1100 people, 1200 people walking up to step foot into the united states. once they put 1 foot on our soil, we have to take them into custody. we have to listen to their reason why they want to come in. and if they plead there is too much violence in their country or they are seeking asylum because domestic violence or not tweeted fairly or don't have enough money. we have to release them back into the united states until they their court hearing. brian: the thing is you shouldn't look at this as have a heart for central and south americans. there are other people on that line applying for refugee status who are in just as dire need only they are doing it the correct way. they are going through embassies and going through the application green card process. steve: so you have got this
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caravan. 1200 people. apparently they are going to stop in mexico city and ask for asylum there. two thirds of them will probably either seek asylum or wind up sneaking across the border as many do. one third will stay in mexico. but, here's the thing, they are in mexico. we know they are coming here. here is the president saying hey, mexico, shouldn't you be stopping people in your own country if they are trying to come into your country illegally or maybe you shouldn't even help us. here is the president at bethesda by the sea church where he went to church yesterday in palm beach. >> mexico has got to help us at the border. and a lot of people are coming in because they want to take advantage of daca. and we are going to have to really see. they had a great chance. the democrats blew it. brian: go ahead, steve. steve: it's hard for me to speak after the game saturday night kill know have a, ku game.
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they asked the caravan members have you trying to take advantage of daca? they said ma'am, we don't think we would actually qualify. brian: by the way, steve, good news is you can rest your voice tonight. kansas lost. sorry about that. i'm just trying to make you feel better. ainsley: he went to kansas and his son went to villanova. >> they stunk up the place. brian: why is it always sport. the caravan actually exists. washington examiner and buzzfeed picked up. relayed on sunday on "fox & friends." this group is called will. ainsley: people without borders. brian: i will go with people without borders we demand mexico and united states open up their borders. citizens of the country where we're and where we travel. the answer is no, we are not. we have a process here. we can't have open borders.
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that he was not the way it works. ainsley: this is the press release that they put out to the people down in central america. and they said if you don't like out political unrest here, if you don't like all the corruption and violence, let's go through mexico and head to the united states and seek asylum. that was an actual press release to the governments of central america, mexico and united states of america. people read that and thought we want to hear this country and heard many great things about america. 1200 of them are actually walking. take weeks and walking through mexico. they started in mexico which is interesting because they don't have passports as you were saying to even be in mexico. the mexicans allowed them to cross the border from central america to start there. steve: do you know who they are blaming? they are blaming the united states. they say don't blame us for going. blame the united states because they have been supporting the president of honduras. not something that donald trump started back in the day it was john kerry who congratulate you had the president of honduras on his win when he won the presidency. ainsley: president said we
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will pull out with nafta, we won't negotiate with you, mexico if you don't help us. and asking republicans to take the nuclear option. they have the majority vote instead of 60 for tougher immigration u. brian: few years down the line you have a democrat president or democratic senate. ainsley: can republicans not change it back. could they not do the nuclear option? brian: as soon as they get a majority leader in there democrat. same thing as you did. same way you got enough passed on nuclear option. if you had to go for 60 votes gorsuch might not have passed. they changed it on that vote. they didn't change continue everything. and even though senator schumer when harry reid is gone huge mistake. mitch mcconnell is not going to the nuclear option. he won't do it. steve: right. ainsley: hand it other to jillian. jillian: steve, your voice, where did it go? steve: go kansas. no. ains. jillian: have you three more hours of the show.
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steve: i will get through it hot tea. jillian: goal out caught up on headline us starting with this. researchers frantically searching for a boy who fell into a ditch near the famous hollywood sign. he plunged down a drainage pipe playing inside an abandoned building in griffin park. that pipe feeds tout los angeles river. more than 100 officers searching using special cameras in the pipes. navy veteran rushed to the hospital minutes before the end of his shift. justin nell responding to a chase when a burglary suspect crashed their car and opened fire. this happened just north of new orleans. the suspect shot dead. deputy now recovering in intensive care. is he expected to survive. tens of how far to sands of teachers will walk out of classrooms and protest today. kentucky and oklahoma the latest states to demand higher wages and better classroom resource us. the movement, despite out oklahoma governor approving
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$6,100 raise last week. the largest in state history. oklahoma ranks among the worst for teacher pay and education funding. march madness spilling over into april. the notre dame women claiming second national of national championship in dramatic fashion, of course. >> for the win. good! the national championship for notre dame. is that not insane. the shout of a lifetime. securing a 61-58 win over mississippi state. tonight it's the men's turn. three seed michigan takes on number one villanova. so, steve, how are you feeling about that? steve: i feel great because i have got a connection to villanova. have a i have a team to root for. jillian: fair enough. brian: for notre dame to beat uconn and win like that in the final with four starters down. ainsley: who is going to win
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tonight? jillian: ville noe have a. brian: she thinks so because it's philadelphia, of course. abby huntsman, if you are looking for her, she is not off today. she is at the white house waiting for the sun to come up for the easter egg roll to start. can you feel the adrenaline. abby: i'm ready for the sun to come up. it's chilly in d.c. it's going to be a fun day. 140th year of the easter egg roll at the white house. it's a classic american that diggal addition. there is going to be a lot of fun here on the lawn u of course, the egg rolling but this year melania trump is adding own special touch. she is bringing a bowling lane tout lawn. decorating cookies. military bands playing. president will come out about 10:'30 this morning. we will be here all morning long and talking to a number of friends of the show. kellyanne conway, mercedes schlapp. hogan gidley, at the end of the show eric trump and his wife laura. and hopefully they bring their baby little luke for us all to see. we will be here all morning.
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we hope you will join us. the sun coming out. brian: did you talk to him. >> i did just smell some bacon. i think they might be making breakfast. if he is watching and wants to brings us out some bacon we would love that. steve: roux saying the president is on the atkins diet? ainsley: maybe he will bring you warm coffee, too. ainsley: i would love that too. see you soon. ainsley: so glad you are back, abby. did you bring your daughter? abby: i wish. she is a little young. maybe next year. it's a little chilly so maybe best. ainsley: thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead, attorney general jeff sessions appointed a special prosecutor not a second counsel. did he make the right move. law professor jonathan turley says yes and that's what he looks like. ainsley: an officer science off for the last time after 37 years. his message is so incredible.
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that lady's awesome. was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at ♪ ♪ brian: attorney general jeff sessions has named former prosecutor john huber from utah to look into possible surveillance abuses by the fbi and duong. this despite pleas from
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lawmakers, high profile ones on the right, for a second special counsel. is that the right move? did sessions blow it or did he make a good move? constitutional law professor at george washington university jonathan turley weighs in. jonathan, you like this move by sessions. why? >> i do. i think that the attorney general did exactly what people should want him to do. if he had appointed a special counsel, there would have been a considerable delay, great deal of expense. but it would not have moved this case along dramatically, certainly no different from what he has done now. what he essentially did is combined this large investigatory staff of the attorney general and attach to it a lion prosecutor, all the powers of a prosecutor. that will move this along in a much more expedited basis. for people who really want to look at whether there is criminal conduct here. this is a very good way to approach it. what sessions is saying i could still appoint a special counsel.
3:18 am
i want to bring in a prosecutor. combine him with this inspector general, and get at this stuff. to see if there is something here that we need to move on. brian: it's focusing on possible fisa abuses. focusing on the clinton administration investigation. possibly uranium one links. if anything had anything to do with the sale of that company. and uranium one. so, you're saying, too. since huber is already working with horowitz, there is not a lot of ramp up time he needs. he just needs to go down his own path, correct? >> that's right. this is seamless. that's why this is a brilliant approach. reserve the special counsel option. but you move it immediately into a potential prosecutorial stage. what the inspector general lacked were those prosecutorial powers. and both of these men, people have been criticizing them, which leola really has baffled me. talking about who appointed. who both of these men have honorable careers. they are respected by both sides u they are apolitical. you have got a line
3:19 am
prosecutor many of the supports. an ig knows his way around the justice department and shown his independence. this is a lethal combination for people who may have committed criminal acts. brian: darrell issa and senator graham both wants a special counsel. you say this is going to get done faster i something else you wanted to bring um. i did not know. this andy mccabe since he got fired had a go fund me page out there. he has got $500,000. for what? he has been accused of lying four times. who is saying keep up the good work? >> well, that's what's odd here. i have a column in the hill today on this point, which is he has already raised $500,000, which surprised many of us because the report isn't out. so people don't know what led to his termination. and that was a recommendation by career employees. usually charity follows some clarity as to what is involved. that's what is sort of alarming here.
3:20 am
mccabe wanted to raise this money before the report was released. brian: lastly, jonathan, if you are president trump, should you feel good about having jay sekulow and ty cobb as your attorneys? >> first of all, this is, again, i'm again baffled by some of the criticism. these are very good lawyers. i know both of them. and, you know, people have been portraying jay as somehow not experienced. this guy is a resume most lawyers would die for. ty cobb is as good as can you get in terms of in trench guy with criminal and civil experience. i don't think they are wanting for lawyers, quite frankly. brian: this is what makes you a great guest. you do anything but the talking points. jonathan turley, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: for your legal mind and expertise. i appreciate it coming up straight ahead. army of migrants watching towards america. i'm not kidding. next guest says border agents have their hands tied. dan bongino is here next.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: here's come sick headlines for you. china hammering the u.s. with brand new tariffs overnight. beijing raising import duties on 128 american products, including fruit and wine. oh, steve, we're in trouble. steve: i know it. ainsley: comes in the wake of president trump's hike on steel and aluminum imports. a rogue chinese space station come crashing down on earth in a fiery blaze of gory overnight. splashing down at 17,000 miles per hour off the coast of can a heaty.
3:25 am
the school size school bus sizep on entry. brian: 1200 strong marching towards america where we live. a buzzfeed reporter following along with them touting their, quote: struggle. ainsley: president trump sounding off on this tweeting yesterday, patrol agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the border because of ridiculous liberal democrat laws like catch and release. getting more dangerous. caravans coming. republicans must go to nuclear option to pass tough laws now. so more daca deal. steve: so much to talk about there. joining us now with this reaction former secret service agent. former new york city police department cop, dan bongino. he's also the host of the dan bongino show. dan, please excuse my voice. it's a little scratchy after a couple of nights you have yelling at the television. what do you make of this caravan heading toward the united states? >> you know, i was listening to you guys speak about the
3:26 am
story and you said there's there was embedded buzzfeed reporter talking about their struggle. okay. final. what about the struggle of the thousands of people from a lot of these other countries that have waited patiently online to do this the right way? what about that struggle? this is what always bothers me about the liberal approach to immigration. they talk about it as if there is not a consequence for other people, steve. there is. one, there is a consequence for us. americans who have to finance this chaos. this isn't immigration policy. this is chaos. secondly, for people who come to the country patiently and legally and they do it the right way. you can't have a country without borders. it's just a land mass without the borders. brian: yeah. that's absolutely true. the president sees what could happen to him, which happened to president obama. next thing you know surge at the border. doesn't know why. got to send joe biden down south to get these people to take their people back. a lot of them end up staying here and getting absorbed into society. end um in schools on limed
3:27 am
some of which are ms-13 as we know. we have big hearts but we also have a responsibility for the country. and for those other people online. so, in the big picture, did the president help or hurt himself by tweeting over the weekend? >> no, he absolutely, brian, helped himself. the president instinctively tapped into something this last elections that's been missing a long time. the liberals can crap on the country all they want. i'm sorry. but they do about how not compassionate we are. that'garbage. we have taken in millions of people, brian, into a country that's absorbed them. but, in order to maintain some form of a collective identity in a country, we have to have some sense of commonality and we have to give generations of immigrants time to adapt to their new country and new home. that's not what we have right now. we have complete total utter chaos. tens of million of people in the country illegally not having followed the process. having stepped in front of a line of people who waited
3:28 am
patiently to get in line. think about how crazy our immigration policy is now you. weeferl have the governor of california moon beam brown and his attorney general who will not discount arresting the orange county sheriff for enforcing immigration law whil simultaneously pardonig five people for illegal immigration crime to help them avoid deportation. it's crazy. ainsley: the president is hoping theta republican also take that nuclear option so they can pass a tougher immigration plan before that caravan gets to the border. will that happen? who knows. steve: probably thought. >> it should. ainsley: thanks, dab. brian: dan bo bongino will be doing his powd cast earlier. first it was confederate monuments. next u.s. presidents. first one. why one president wants president william mccinelly gone. ainsley: abby huntsman is live at the white house at the easter egg roll this morning. abby? abby: ainsley, did you this last year.
3:29 am
140th year of the easter egg roll on out south lawn u i'm here with press secretary hogan gidley. we will talk a little news. this is your first year at the easter egg roll. we have a lot to get to are after the break.
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♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters with me. >> that is a young girl on a easter egg hunt. focused. >> that is the love of my life. hayden. easter basket sitting on the steps of the church wearing heirloom dress my mother bought her months ago. giving the peace sign. brian: obviously raising herself. no parents around. ainsley: on madison avenue. what's going on here? steve: that's sally icing an
3:33 am
easter cake that was delicious. married a government lawyer and making easter cookies yesterday. ainsley: that's the traditional easter cake. brian: i recognize them by occupation. this is my family that doesn't like to pose anymore. they have had it with me. i had to take action shots. this is my wife doing unbelievable jo job christmas dinner and desert. ainsley: easter. brian: did i say easter in that's my father-in-law steve in the middle and my mom playing outside left in that picture. and those are the pictures of an exhausted dog. too much activity. they need some rest. that is apollo and rocky after going round of easter. they don't beg at the table even though they are bigger at the table. if they were ravenous we would have no food. because they can literally walk right up. steve: you would bake for them all day. brian: unbelievable. they would definitely have
3:34 am
hypo guy seem i can't. steve: how big is your vacuum. brian: brian in the winter they don't shed that much. ainsley: you lie down on the floor with them, right? brian: they are very soft. ainsley: big puff balls. they are the peeps this easter. steve: we have snow and they have rain down there. ainsley: abby, what's the weather like. ainsley: it's cold enough to snow. i wants to say it's snow because i'm shivering. sun comes out at some point because it's pretty chilly for the easter egg roll. brian, i feel for you. i have goldible retriever and shedding is a problem. i wish i had him here to snuggle with to keep me warm. we are here for the 140th easter egg roll out on the south lawn. you see behind me, the white house is right there. the president may be up. i'm here with hogan gidley the deputy press secretary. his first easter egg roll; is that right? >> absolutely. i have seen it so many years on tv and i get to see it in
3:35 am
person. abby: purple. i want to get to news. immigration has been at the top of president trump's mind over the last 24 hours at least. at this point he he wanted to get daca done. but he tweeted yesterday no more daca deal. he wants republicans to use the nuclear option. he is referring to these mying mthemigrants. knee need to take action on. this that's why the president wanted a lasting long-term solution. he graciously offered 1.8 million people a path to citizenship three times that of barack obama. he wants something done. we don't want to be in the same position we are from now five years down the road kicking the can. democrats had control of the house of representatives. they had filibuster-proof senate. and they had a democrat in
3:36 am
the white house in barack obama. and he pledged 100 days to fix the immigration problem. none of it got fixed. we're in this horrible mess now. but it should be no surprise to anybody. this happened back in the 1980s, they gave people amnesty and a flood of people into this country because they wanted the freebies. the same thing occurs today. ainsley: whatoday.ains. abby: what does the democrats do now. >> hopefully he comes to the table. he has been so gracious. abby: he was hoping that with the omnibus bill. >> shows you democrats are playing politics with the people's lives. daca wasn't in the bill. remember during the shut down it was so obvious what they were trying to accomplish in this country because they for whatever reason decided to stand with hundreds of thousands of people who are here unlawfully and illegally as oppose touted american citizens hundreds and millions of those people. and the president stood with everyone and said let's get this job -- i'm here to do a job. let's get it fixed and democrats haven't come to
3:37 am
the table. ainsley: we have got to figure it out. immigrants make this country so great. that's why we are here today celebrating american tradition. easter egg roll someone of those. probably one the greatest u ainsley, brian and steve were showing their easter photos. today thousands of kids will take photos with their parents. i came here with my parents when i was a little girl. tell people what they can expect today. >> you will see a bunch of children out here with the wonderment of the season. so excited. obviously the rain won't dampen them at all u. abby: the easter bunny will be here. >> president trump amounts first lady. absolutely the things that really kind of showcase the event. that's what makes it so great. second to that, it's a close second is the easter bunny himself will be hopping around out here. the kids love it a lot of pictures are being taken. it's going to be a great day. you are about a year or two away probably for bringing yours up here. ainsley: she is enjoy it and sink it in and paint the easter egg cookies and all of that i can feel the sun coming up. it's going to be a beautiful day. >> your father did the polar
3:38 am
bear plunge. have you got to toughen up a little bit. >> i do got to toughen up a little bit. >> happy easter. abby: steven, ainsley and brian, this is the perfect time to come she is 3? >> hayden is 2. this year she got it and had some fun. when isabel is three, i think that's going to be the key. steve: got to be out of the scroller. ainsley: hayden is in and out of the stroller. she can walk. but still uses a stroller. abby: that sounds chaotic the whole things. ainsley: every stage is amazing. enjoy the baby phase. get to snuggle. abby: hopefully eric and lawyer trump will bring in luke. tell him to hang with us. president, if you are watching, come see us. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: that's right. good monday morning to you and to you at home as well. get you caught up here.
3:39 am
waived background checks for it aides accused of hacking that includes dnc chair 2kwu89s an inspector general's report finding 44 democrats chose not to vet emran awan. awan who worked for schultz was accused of bank fraud awaiting last year. police say new evidence shows the suv stopped, then accelerated moments before plunging off a cliff in california. raising new questions whether the accident was actually deliberate. the speedometer pinned at 90 miles per hour. authorities now searching the family's home for any signs of abuse or suicide u first, it was confederate monuments. now one city is pulling down a presidential statue. the city council in arcade it's california voting to pull down this statue of
3:40 am
mckinley. accusing the former president of ordering the killing of navin americans during his time in office. removing the statue will take around 8 months. costing $65,000. a look at your headlines? brian: is this unbelievable. the president said that soon everybody is going to be tearing down. steve: everybody has a past. brian: thanks, jillian. a lot of people worried about the weather? steve: say it ain't so. a snow storm hitting the northeast at this hour. brian: icy roads in nebraska, sending a car sliding into a ditch. there is a car sliding into a ditch. a state trooper carrying this little girl and her family to safety. so a good end. ainsley: meteorologist adam klotz is live tracking the storm for us. good morning, adam. >> good morning, guys. brian, thank you for allowing me to do it inside this morning. brian: no problem. last second thing. i signed the form a second ago. adam: the snow is continuing in new york city. going to continue to the next several hours. if you are continue along coast line. temperatures are bouncing around freezing. we are getting a little bit
3:41 am
of that rain snow mix at this point. boston 36 degrees. are 33 in new york city. 34 degrees in philadelphia. it's not going to snow in d.c. this morning. just a cold rain. which might be a little bit worse. here is what we are currently looking at heavy snow in new york city. how long is this going to last? pretty quick mover, new york city outs of the woods by lunchtime. notice as we continue on through the day, any snow that lands on the ground even inland temperatures cooler by the time we get to 3:00, 4:00. temperatures back um into the 40's. i'm talking about snow in april. the good news is it's going to be melting by this afternoon. brian: yankees play today at 1:00. are they going to get the game in. >> of course they will get the game. in might snow a little bit. brian: they can handle it let's hope. brian: good job, adam. 19 minutes before the top of the hour still ahead. charles barkley has a message for democrats. >> i voted democrat for 55 straight years. i think we as black people have not held democrats accountable for taking our votes for all these years.
3:42 am
brian: he does go on to say republicans aren't much better. he says we will ask liberal turned conservative candice owens next how she feels about that statement. ainsley: mercedes schlapp. dennis pragueer and white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and kellyanne conway all here live coming up. ♪
3:43 am
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3:45 am
ainsley: basketball legend charles barclay has a message for democrats. listen. >> i voted democrat for 55 straight years. and first of all, i want to make clear, i don't think the republicans are better. but i think we as black people have not held democrats accountable for taking our votes for all these years. ainsley: is he right? is it time for the black community to hold the
3:46 am
democratic party accountable. joining me now is director of urban engagement for turning point u.s.a. candace owens and she joins us now. hey, candace, good to see you. >> good to see you as well. how are you? ainsley: i'm great. he went on to say he is frustrated with this president because of tweeting, hiring and firing. he wasn't favorable to the republicans even though in the past he has said some compliments to the president. is he more frustrated than ever, he says right now. the focus is too much on russia and too much on stormy daniels and needs to be on change. so it seems that he is frustrated with both political parties. what was your reaction to his interview with david axelrod? >> i think he was right on the money. i think what we're seeing happening is essentially happened with me. black people are starting to wake up and understand that the democrats have done nothing for them ever. really historically. they are the ones that brought us the kkk and racial terrorism. slavery. jim crow laws and then we see in the 1960's, they introduced the great society act which gave us the welfare system. what charles is doing is waking up and not fully on
3:47 am
the conservative side yet. i think that's what's going to come up next. ainsley: he would say to you because you are a trump supporter. he says the trump supporters need to look in the mirror and say my life sucks. i hate that word. i'm sorry. just quoting it my life sucks because of me. we need to take ownership because of that what were your thoughts when he said that? >> i think he is incorrect. he needs to understand that trump actually represents a very real opportunity for the black community to wake up. and starts with the death of political correctness. i don't really care about trump's tweets. i care about the results. the results are. in okay. black unemployment is at historic low right now. that's because of the work of trump focusing on our economy. and not so much about our feelings which has been traditionally what the democrats are hijacked our emotions. ainsley: it's interesting you bring that up because quinnipiac their recent poll says job approval ration for black voters is down. it was 46% in october. now in march it's 36%. so what does this what do
3:48 am
democrats and republicans need to do to 230e can you say on the black community. how do we fix any problems in that community? what's your advice? >> the first thing is putting back together the black family which democrat president linden b. johnson tore apart with his great society act and giving us new idols all together. we need to talk about the illegal immigrants. that's a huge thing trump has been focused on. they have been directly harming the community when you talk about jobs. democrat are so hyper focused on getting their vote. it's a major problem which trump is addressing. all blacks need to stand with him at this point. ainsley: okay. candace owens. thank you for joining us. have a great day. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. take a look at this. those are elementary school kids. they are kneeling during the singing of the national anthem. how and why? plus, a trooper signs off one last time after serving his community for 37 years.
3:49 am
and his message is incredible. that trooper is going to join us live next. >> this will be my final 10/7. it's been an honor and privilege and a great career. it's been a great adventure. give us the work no one else wants to do. we don't just go against the grain. we grow it. give us the frontiers. the places where success is measured in pushed limits. give us the middle of nowhere. where the only map is your buddies' tread marks. this life? no one's born ready for it. ( ♪ )
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
>> this will be my final 10/7. >> i just want to thank everybody for everything they have ever done. it's been an honor and a privilege and a great career. it's been a great adventure. this is 152, badge 2988, 37 years and three weeks later. it's been a great ride. thank you very much and keep smiling. steve: an emotional radio call from an arizona trooper signing off for the last
3:53 am
time. after serving his community for nearly four decades. newly retired trooper mark gillberg of the arizona department of public safety joins us last week. he joins us from utah. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: why did you want to tape that? >> i will tell you how that all came about. i haobviously plans had been made to retire for quite some time. my son called me, actually called my wife and said mom, are you going to tape dad's final 10-7 call? and we had never even thought about it. and he said have you ever seen one? ened i said well i have seen a couple on facebook that guys have sent to me or whatever. i said yeah, -- she said yeah, maybe he will do that he said you make sure you tape that. that's how it came about. we just plan on keeping it for the family. steve: sure. >> she did that and actually
3:54 am
my partner was there with me. he taped it, too and then when we finished, we sent it to our family and the day or so later i think my son called and said dad, do you care if i put this on youtube? i don't have -- i said theaivel. i don't know how to do that. so he did. steve: whatever that is. >> well, i knew what it was but i don't know how to do it. steve: sure. >> he actually had his wife through her account which is my daughter-in-law rachel, and it wasn't long after that and her phone just started to blow up. and then my phone started to blow up. and it just went from there. it's been amazing. steve: what's so powerful about it is you thank everybody. you talk about what a great adventure it has been. but you did not plan to cry. i could tell by the way you started, you were not going to cry. until the very end. and then it just all swept over you.
3:55 am
>> absolutely. did i everything in my power not to become emotional. it just hit me. i don't know. it's hard to explain until have you done this job for as long as i have, that the emotions just overcame me. and that's what happened. and it's just gone on from there. steve: trooper, what are you going to miss most about your job? >> well, you know, most guys when they retire you hear them say this, it's the people that i will miss. they are wonderful people that i have worked with all these many years. and the guys that i work with right now are just fabulous. i love them just like brothers. steve: right. >> you go through a lot of stressful times with people and you share the ups and downs of this job. you see many, many things over the time that i have been here. both good and bad. and so you really draw to them. and they become like your brothers. i work for a great guy. he treats us like kings and it s. a wonderful supervisor. i couldn't ask for -- i'm so
3:56 am
proud for this department and honored. i feel honored to be on your show also. i'm very grateful that you are doing this. steve: next question is what are you going to do with the rest of your life? >> i'm going to enjoy life. i have been offered a couple of jobs in law enforcement but i decided that i have had enough expossibly out there that it's a pretty dangerous job. and i don't have any bullet holes and i feel pretty fortunate. i have been in one head on collision and other dangerous situations. and feel very lucky, very blessed that somebody has been watching over me, i think. steve: indeed. >> i'm going to do that. probably spend time with my wife and grand kids and do a little traveling and some other activities and enjoy life. steve: you certainly have sender it. >> thank you. steve: if people have not seen the video it will be on our website thank for your service. >> thank you, i appreciate it. steve: good man. still ahead, can you really
3:57 am
teach anybody to believe in god? dennis prager says yes. he joins us live to explain. plus, we have mercedes schlapp. sarah sanders and kellyanne conway all from the white house. d ♪ build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one. ♪ ainsley: the daca deal is done. steve: the president tweeted this out yesterday. ainsley: republicans must go to nuclear action to pass tough laws now. no more daca deal. >> had a great chance. the democrats blew it but we have to take a look. but mexico has got to help us at the border. brian: there is footage and caravan that includes about 1,000 people that are making their way our direction and possibly to overwhelm the border guards. griff: attorney general jeff sessions appointing special prosecutor to investigate alleged fisa abuse. is that enough? >> the attorney general did exactly what wanted him to do. if he had appointed a special counsel there would have been considerable delay. >> for the win.
4:01 am
good! jillian: march madness spilling over into women. notre dame women claiming second national championship in dramatic fashion, of course. >> brian: abby huntsman is not off today. at the white house waiting for the easter egg hunt to start. ♪ ♪ hey, hey. ♪ a beautiful day ♪ and i can't stop myself from smiling ♪ if i'm drinking ♪ then i'm buying ♪ and i know there's no denying. ainsley: it's a beautiful day. brian: what's not happy to be about. steve: it's snowing here. it's going to dry up a little later on according to adam klotz. nonetheless, it is easter monday. and it's tradition here on "fox & friends" we always are live at the white house easter egg roll and an i huntsman is there right now. ainsley: remember grandmother's rule you could wear white after easter?
4:02 am
abby: yours is a creamy white so it's perfect. warm white. the sun is coming out here. it's warming up a little bit. as you said it's 140th year of the easter egg roll. can you see how close the white house is ainsley, you did this last year. and i remember watching your coverage and i thought how cool it was to be there on the south lawn. it's so cool for me to be here. a quick history, brian, because you are our historian on the show. 1878 first on the. steve: 1870? brian: 1878. abby: rutherford b. hayes. a group of kids went up and said we want to roll our easter eggs. can we use your backyard. he said sure. that ended up being the south lawn of the white house. we will be here all morning long. mercedes schlapp will be with us at the bottom of the hour. steve: do you know why they asked if they could do it at the white house? abby: because they originally did this at the
4:03 am
capitol and they made a complete mess of the lawn of the egg die. ainsley: too many divots in the ground. steve: called a cop on the kids who showed up. ainsley: remember pretty women go out on horse field. they covered the difficulties. that's what happened on capitol hill years ago. ainsley: it's a beautiful tradition. brian: ended great because she got off the old path and got on to a better path and meeting somebody that affected her life. abby: the man that she loved. ainsley: rescued him right back. steve: thank you. the president didn't wind up with his border wall in the budget deal that passed the house and the senate last week. brian: inthink he is a little angry about that. it might be me but i'm able to read through the mind. steve: he is angry with republicans and democrats. he didn't wind up with his deal which means they didn't end up with daca deal. as the president was driving to church in palm beach yesterday. he sent this tweet out telling everybody where he
4:04 am
stands on this. ainsley: it said border patrol agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the border because of ridiculous liberal democrat law like catch and release. getting more dangerous. caravans coming. republicans must go nuclear option to pass tough laws now. no more daca deal. brian: there is a caravan of 1,000 people heading our direction. a lot of them women and children. they feel if they are in a big group, they will be safer and is going to be so overwhelming to the border they will have to be let in and maybe allowed to get in and just infiltrate into society much like what happened in 2014. many of those women and children, probably find people but jump the entire system and were thrown into different communities. however, some were bad. and so were ms-13. and they put themselves within those refugees. steve: right. brian: they should never have been here to begin with the president wants to stop that. ainsley: looking at pictures from the caravan. they are from primarily honduras. 80% of them. a group called people without borders. they put out this press release saying if you don't
4:05 am
like your community, if it's too violent here which we all know it is, then you come with us and let's walk our way to the united states. and we are going to meet in south mexico where they shouldn't even be allowed allowd into mexico because they don't have passports or legal documents. they are working their way up here. steve: two thirds are either going to seek asylum. they may stop in mexico city or simply try to melt across our southern border. the president in the last let's see two minutes has tweeted this out: mexico has the absolute power not to let these large caravans of people into the country. they must stop them at their northern border. which they can do because their border laws work. not allow them to pass through our country, which has no effective border laws dot, dot, dot. more to come shortly. brian: facts clearly reflect. this inaccurate news reports should not serve to question
4:06 am
this strong cooperation. what's inaccurate about it? are those not real people? are they all heading this direction? reported by two separate outlets and we look at the video and see where they are heading. we asked where they are going. they freer to say where they are heading. they know their objective. they are coming in direction. mexico can stop it. a lot of times we see, other than mexicans for the most part otms are the ones coming across the border in the south. it's not mexico. they said if you are going to go straight through you can come in. a lot of them are going straight through. they are not going to get in here. ainsley: if you go down to the border, you will see the crossing. see where can you enter from mexico into the united states. they have this big room where our border agents work. and they take these families in one at a time. and they told mes when i was down there. some of them come in with scratches all over their legs because they made these long journeys into the united states. to try to plea for asylum. because they are escaping violence. they take these families one at a time. that's what this caravan is doing. they will stop there at our borders. they will try to get one
4:07 am
foot on american soil. once that happens then catch and release is administered. once they are on u.s. soil. once even one foot is on our soil, we take them into custody. we process them and they can prove credible fear of going home and therefore we release them into the u.s. until their court hearing. steve: they have done this for a number of years. they do this on holy week to appeal for special amnesty. here's the thing though, if those images are to happen where they come toward the united states, and, you know, there are reporters traveling with them, those are going to be -- they have already got security protocols where the men will form a wall around the women and the children. those images would be really hard to watch. you know, watching children and their families being separated. however, can you imagine though, if that were to happen where 1,000 people just bawkd into the united walkd states. they would be making the case for donald trump's border wall. he would say look, this is the reasonable we need the border wall from stop folks
4:08 am
from simply walking across an invisible line. ainsley: really quickly, this is heart-breaking to see these kids and by the grace of god we were born in this great country where we don't have to worry about all the violence. we don't have to worry about it because we do keep our country safe. you have to do it the right way. brian: let's change gears and on thursday, attorney general sessions disappointed some on the right when he came out and said there is not going to be a special special counsel. we're not just going to do it. right now he says i think john huber would be the perfect pepper to do this. he is already working with horowitz in tandem with the department of justice, hike call horowitz. the conclusion of the review sessions said huber pick it up from there and look how the hillary clinton investigation won the uranium one sale went and everything like that. he says they have full special counsel power. senator lindsey graham was not happy with that on sunday. >> my belief is it should be
4:09 am
a special counsel. here's the question. i want a second special counsel with the same determination and resources to look at the abuses of the fisa process. what the clinton email investigation ---was the clinton email investigation a sham. i want a special counsel to be appointed with the same resources and the same determination to look at those issues as is mueller is looking at the trump campaign. and i don't see that yet. brian: they say -- they got the same power. and he says this will be quicker to the point and if you need a second special counsel we will do it after that. he joined us earlier. >> i think that the attorney general did exactly what people should want him to do. what he essentially did, he combined this large investigatory staff of the inspector general and attached to it a line prosecutor who has all the powers of a prosecutor. that's going to move this along in a much more expedited basis.
4:10 am
for people who really want to look at whether there is criminal conduct here, this is a very good way to approach it what sessions is saying is i could still appoint a special counsel. but i want to bring in a prosecutor, combine him with had inspector general and get at this stuff. that's why i think this is a pretty brilliant approach. steve: it really could streamline things. michael horowitz has flagged the bad stuff. he could say mr. huber, look at this. we need to acted on that and that and that. you know, washington is worried about two things. they are worry about the whole russia thing. was there occlusion. this would answer it but, also, there is a cloud over the department of justice and the fbi that needs to be lifted. and if this guy can work quickly, get it done in three or four months. that would be great. if it's stretched out -- ainsley: i understand what jonathan is saying that would just drag it on. if you bring in this guy huber first. brian: already working with horowitz u. ainsley: bring in a second
4:11 am
special counsel that would drag it on longer. america so tired of this this guy could do something about it. steve: this guy could shored sht circuit the system. ainsley: some saying yes, some saying no. brian: the robert mueller investigation is tearing this country apart. it's putting people into their corners and then this would add to that even though their objectives are pure and simple and they have merit, the overall special counsel thing is really damaging. ainsley: special counsel which would be several people looking into it. that would even actually delay it. brian: exactly. ainsley: maybe having one person is the right. brian: it makes a lot of sense u 11 minutes after the hour. jillian mele always makes sense. jillian: absolutely. good morning, guys. ainsley: brian not so much. [laughter] jillian: we do have a fox news alert. let's get you caught up on this. isis could be planning to attack soccer's world cup using drones.
4:12 am
preparations for attacks on fans and players in russia this summer. extremists startinged circulating this one. showing soccer star ren nald alo kneeling in front of a terrorist. friends say 13-year-old jesse hernandez plunged down into a drainage pipe playing inside an abandoned building in griffin partial. that pipe feeds to the los angeles river. more than 100 firefighters and other rescuers searching for the child using special cameras for the. two elementary school students take a knee while performing the political anthem. happening at the mariners game at sakefield. ♪ watched were so gallantly streaming. jillian: it's unclear exactly how old the kids are that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you.
4:13 am
steve: okay. thank you very much. ainsley: wow. brian: unbelievable. 13 miners an the hour. ainsley: investigators revealing a florida teenager accused of killing a classmate in a stabbing spree wanted to join isis. next guest says the first amendment actually protects americans who pledge isis allegiance. brian: hold your wallets. tuition going up for college students in one state. illegal immigrant are exempt. don't worry, kids. ainsley: we roll on live for the white house for the easter egg roll ♪ get ready ♪ because here i come. [ directo] action! k9 advantix ii kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes through contact. no biting required. [ director ] cut! i'm not feeling the no biting required line. bah. [ growls ] somebody get this guy a muzzle. k9 advantix ii from bayer. wise choice.
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a cockroach can survive heresubmerged ttle guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah. not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. real chthat it. that post lunch, post dinner, i need something sweet, just a little something craving. sargento sweet balanced breaks are that sweet something. perfectly balanced with natural cheese on one side, dried fruit and sweetness, like dark chocolate, on the other. so next time your sweet tooth calls, go right ahead and answer. now you can indulge your sweet craving without apologizing for it. sargento sweet balanced breaks, find it in our cheese section.
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4:17 am
steve: we are now learning that that 17-year-old florida teenager, corey johnson. now charged with first degree murder expressed great interest in joining isis and even watched violent jihaddist videos online the night before he tried to stab a teenager and their entire family. so how did investigators miss thes critical warning signs of isis in florida. here is former u.s. agent
4:18 am
and founder of the jenkins group chad jenkins. chad, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: this kid was on the fbi's radar because they figured out that this guy was responsible for threatening a catholic school in england and the fbi was going to do something about him. but, before they could, he woke up one mornings and decided to try to kill a whole families wh family whose e was trying to stay at. >> we see terrorism strike here in the united states. the threat that he made to the u.k. school what was deemed at that time is he did not attack. therefore it was not actionable threat that he made. they were working on this as well as jupiter police department and the palm beach sheriff's office. so the warning signs were known by law enforcement no crime was committed in order to charge this individual before he could then attack this poor family.
4:19 am
steve: i know. one of the young men in that family was killed. murdered. but the night before he woke up, and said i have got to kill this family, he and another kid watched these jihad videos on social media. >> yeah. we are seeing this all too often. it's the continual isis, al qaeda. al shabaab. you name it, whatever terror organizations using the propaganda online with these videos to radicalize and inspire young kids in america to do these horrible rehence cybil crimes. terrorist attacks. why we are not treating. [broken audio] steve: we're having a little bit of problems with chad's audio. but, nonetheless, he would like to see social media companies crack down on isis videos and jihadi vehicles and a lot of people feel the same way. chad, thank you very much. apologize about that audio.
4:20 am
straight ahead on this easter monday morning. can you really teach nibble to believe in god? dennis prager said yes. he joins us live to explain. ♪ ♪ oh good, you're awake! finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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4:23 am
♪ brian: time now for news by the numbers. i'll begin. first, 5 million. that's how many customers have their credit card information stolen at sak's fifth avenue. that's why i won't shop there and lord and taylor. both of them hudson base says they have been taking steps to contain the breach. take your time. $1,000. how much the university of california is raising tuition for out-of-state students. but according to the college fix, illegal immigrants can
4:24 am
still pay the instate rate. isn't that nice? and finally 45 million bucks. that's how much president trump's former white house is listed for. president trump and his ex-wife ivana bought the connecticut mansion in the 1980s for 4 million bucks. it took them a week to make that ainsley? ainsley: thanks, brian. in his latest book best selling author and radio talk show host and friend of ours dennis prager argues that belief in god based as much on reason as it is faith. steve: how does his reason resonate in secular society. here now the author of the rational bible exodus dennis prager. >> it's a delight to be with you. this, i have to say at a personal level is, a highlight. it's my eighth book. but this is my passion. brian: why? >> that's the question. why? the radical secularization of the west is a catastrophe. this is the first generation
4:25 am
in human history raised godless. it has never happened. pagans have gods. everybody had gods. we are in the midst of one of the great intellectual and moral gambles of history that society can continue without any tran sen can't belief. so i have been teaching the bible as a believing jew. i am a jew. most people think if you write on the bible you are a christian, completely understandably. as many christians have taken my courses, as jews have. but i just want people to know and i believe that this is the greatest book ever written, so did abraham lynn cop. steve: the bike? >> the steve: why dues this generation is being raised godlessly. i don't know that that's as accurate around people that i know as god is not that important to them as it used -- he's used to be?
4:26 am
>> first of all, the number of people none to religion. it's true to have no religion and still believe in god. i always ask these people what god do you believe in? it's generally a reflection of themselves. for example, do you believe that god gave the 10 commandments no, i don't believe that so what did god give? here's a good question. if god -- if there is no revelation of god's will. what's the difference if you believe in god or not if you don't know what he wants from you? i mean, so the difference between atheism and a god whose will i cannot know is minimal. and that's why i start with the 10 commandments and the introduction to my book the rational bible, i note how important it was to me. i had a difficult time with my parents, which is hardly new in humanity, right? by the way every family in genesis is dysfunctional. it should make people with dysfunctional families to feel better. this is one of the points i
4:27 am
make in the genesis book. this is exodus. anyway, i honored my parents. i respected my parents every day that i had problems with them for the years that i did. i called them every single week. and the reason there was one, i believe god said honor your father and your mother. believe me, it is a big difference in your life if you think god has a command or not. ainsley: real quickly. you said you can teach anyone that god exists based on reason -- >> -- the entire book is i am not a mystic. i have never had -- god has never directly spoken to me. i am hauer reason. on reason alone, this is the most profound book ever written. and i intend to make it the curriculum of your life as one guy wrote it. this is not a book. it's a curriculum for life. that's a great description. brian: go ahead. ainsley: it's interesting that you believe that about the bible but yet you believe in the old testament, not new testament, right? >> right. that's correct. but christians love my work
4:28 am
because the old testament is part of christianity. jesus was rooted in the torah, the first five books as much as any religious jew who has ever lived. so, there is nothing that doesn't support a christian's belief in this. and that's why i have a very big christian following and i'm very honored by that fact. but that i am coming from the perspective as a religious jew. it's not to convert anybody. it's to make -- i want you to take this book seriously. abraham lincoln almost never went to church. he read the book every night. do you know what we lack today? wisdom. harvard has no wisdom. ucla has no wisdom. they have knowledge but they don't have wisdom and it's because they don't have this book. brian: wow. 25% of americans describe religion as not very important. let's see if they are converted from this book. congratulations dennis prager. >> thank you for having me.
4:29 am
brian: great to see you in person. >> thank you. ainsley: fabulous. beautiful cover. thank you. brian: 28 minutes after the hour the president -- and by the way ainsley doesn't usually like our guests so you are the first one. the president just made another bold declaration about daca. the brand new tweet just coming in. ainsley: plus, abby is live at the white house at the easter egg roll this morning. abby, what do you have coming up? abby: good morning, so the easter bunny has arrived. the sun is up. look who i found. our friend mercedes schlapp. she is going to talk to us right after this commercial break. stick with us. ♪ love the way i should ♪ hey! you know, progressive is america's number-one motorcycle insurer. yeah, she does purr! best bike i ever owned! no, you're never alone, because our claims reps are available 24/7. we even cover accessories and custom parts. we did get an early start! took the kids to soccer practice. you want me to jump that cactus? all right.
4:30 am
aah! that lady's awesome. i don't see a possum!
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4:33 am
through into our country, which has no effective border laws. brian: daca is dead because democrats didn't care or act. everyone wants to get on daca bandwagon no longer works. let's secure our borders with proper border legislation. democrats want no borders, hence drugs and crime: americans want to enforce the border and crack down on illegal immigration. that's what republicans understand but the congress doesn't get. steve: congress you got six months to do something. because it is now stuck in the courts, there is no emergency on capitol hill. yeah, we will wait until they figure it out in the courts. that is such a big mistake because all these daca dreamer kids would like to know what is their status? what's going to happen? congress has let them down? brian: axios has this unbelievable draft of what's in the omnibus bill.
4:34 am
they put money in every program than president trump even asked for except when it came to the wall. it's like in your face, can i fund it in the blank of an eye but i won't because you want it. ainsley: i will allow these daca kids to stay and increase it to 1.8. he said that is off the table because you didn't take it when i offered it. brian: right. this is to emphasize her point. steve: there you go. jillian: i'm glad i'm standing over here. jillian: get you caught up on some of the other stories i'm following. starting with the desperate search intensifying for a teen under water by a rip current on break. javon trying to save his father and stepmother from drowning when he disappeared off the coast of alabama. the wisconsin teen hasn't been seen since last sunday. volunteers joining rescuers with boats and drivers trying to recover his family.
4:35 am
a judge dismissing the lawsuit from families and survivors accusing facebook, google, and twitter you have helping isis. they say the sites knew about terrorist posts that radicalized shooter omar mateen. didn't support mateen and isis didn't correct directly carry out the 2016 attack. take a look at this. american hero is busting a move at 93 years young, i will say. in fact, leslie edwards is so good at dancing his instructor created a dance just for him. the tuskegee airmen hustle. watch. >> i'm a tusky airmen and i'm on my last flight. going to make a good landing. i said can you help make a good landing for me with some kind of dance? jillian: edwards recently took up line dancing in ohio to keep his mind and body fit. i will tell you he has better moves than me. so you go. isn't he awesome? ainsley: yes. all right. thank you, jillian.
4:36 am
brian: adam klotz a good dancer. jillian: really? adam: i'm a great dancer. i might be a better dancer than a forecaster. ainsley: don't slip if you dance. >> i'm not going to dance. i need a beat. unless you are going to beet box for me brian, i'm probably okay for now. it's coming down down here. looking at snow all over the place. snowing heavy in new york city for the last couple of hours it is going to continue for several more hours, even though we are talking about the first day of spring. here is where the snow storm is. take a look at the maps into the mid-atlantic stretching up into places like connecticut. stretching up towards boston. now beginning to see light snow there. despite this very wintry like weather, it is eventually going to be wrapping up because as we get on the back side of this, temperatures are going to be colleging up closer to 50 degrees as we get going into this afternoon. eventually at least the mid 40's. so i do think the snow that's on the ground will be melting here in the next little bit, guys. despite all of, this it is
4:37 am
warm in several parts of the country. houston, temperatures in the closer to 70 degrees. will be today. spots like that pollen counts getting up to the high range. same is true in carolina. i know i'm dealing with the snow. but there are spots out there where there are signs of spring, hopefully it will be coming here before too much longer. brian: i love the count pollen. i haven't seen it. ainsley: azaleas are blooming down south. steve: i think that's where this thing started i need claritin. brian: tulips are bumping their head on the earth's crusts saying i'm going to stay in. ainsley: what about glad oleiolas. >> brian: automatioleiolas. >> brian: i'm not sure. ainsley: i'm here with mercedes schlapp. director for white house communications. >> good morning. abby: going to be a fun busy
4:38 am
day. >> and cold apparently. abby: you will have five daughters come out here in a minute or so. >> they are heading here now. abby: your thoughts on something that's getting a lot of talk this morning. david shulkin now out at the v.a. he is saying he did not resign but was fired. here he was yesterday on meet the press. >> there would be no reason for me to resign. i made a commitment. i took an oath. i was here to fight for the veterans. >> why would the white house say technically resign. did you ask to submit a letter of resignation? >> no, i was not. abby: so he is saying did he not submit a letter of resignation u also saying that on another network this morning. clear that up. what happened? >> general kelly called shulkin and gave him the opportunity to resign. obviously the key here is that the president has made a decision. he wanted a change in the department of veterans affairs. he wanted more results coming out of that particular department. which as we know is incredibly bureaucratic.
4:39 am
that is why he moved to make this change. that is why he brought in admiral ronny jackson. someone who is well respected here at the white house, who has served multiple presidents who has bipartisan support. we're going to need someone in there who is going to be able to take on the challenge of congress, and being able to push forward significant veterans legislation. and as well as stay focused on the compassionate care of our veterans, which is a priority for this president. ainsley: he didn't resign. more of a decision made by the president. he knew a change needed to be made. >> general kelly offered him the opportunity to resign. at this point the president said it was time to move on in terms of veterans affairs. he thanks secretary shulkin for his service. and now it's on to what we need to do which is moving forward and making sure that veterans have more affordable choices that they are able to ensure that we reuse the backlog and make sure that veterans don't have to wait extensive period of time to get the service and choice that they need. ainsley: myrtle band is playing behind us very
4:40 am
fitting. tell us about your role. you have five daughters. how fun is this for kids in particular? >> i think it's fun for the whole family. it's an opportunity. it's such a tradition here at the white house. it was president rutherford haze whhayes who brought it over here. first it was at the capitol. abby: ruined the lawn. >> white house much more fun place to be. brought the easter egg roll here. melania trump done a beautiful job of organizing the activities. abby: started in the fall. usually the first lady puts touch on it in the way that nannies arresting easter eggs they gave out. >> the kids are going to be able to go bowling. the most significant part is the the actual egg roll. is it an egg hunt, mom? will i be able to pick up the egg? ainsley: th abby: kids are rolling the eggs. >> it becomes quite a
4:41 am
competitive situation for the five daughters who wants to see who is going to win. abby: how much coffee do parents need when they come to this. >> i would say a lot. just get ready. abby: great to have you this morning. abby: back to you. great interview. ainsley: thank you so much. both of you ladies. army of immigrants are heading um here to america from south america and mexico. what happens when migrants come into our country? they say. our next guest reveals the true story about america's back lolgd immigration system. brian: plus author claims he knows hot white house leaker is. >> if you wonder why there are so many leaks out of white house, one reason is kellyanne is the number one leaker. brian: ron kessler said that? kellyanne conway here to respond next. hour. ♪ feet upon the ground ♪ carry on ♪ allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
steve: we have been talking about this story all morning, getting a lot of reaction from you. a caravan of my grants migrants0 strong marching towards mexico to the united states. ainsley: want to make a statement. planning asylum. others sneak across the border. what happens if they do make into our country. >> steve: here is brandon judd. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. how are you? steve: i'm good. two thirds would like to wind up with asylum with the united states or simply melt across our at times invisible border. what happens? >> well, when they come here and they ask for asylum, we'll take them into custody. we'll do hours worth of processing. and then we will turn them over to ice and ice will release them. based on what they call a
4:46 am
credible fear and disappear in the shadows. we are not enforcing our immigration laws. we not talking about legal immigration. we are talking about illegal immigration. the president isn't down on legal immigration. they are down on illegal immigration. ainsley: brandon, all they have to do is come in and meet with you guys on the border and have to prove political corruption. violence against their people, corruption gangs, police, ending murder, ending domestic violence in their countries. if they say to you if we go back, that's what we are going home to, if you send us back. do you automatically have to, through the catch and release program, allow them to come into america and let them go until they have their court hearing. >> yeah. they don't have to prove anything initially. all they have to do is come here and make a claim. that's the problem. they are being -- they are being coached by the smugglers that are bringing them up. you have got to remember, this is a multibillion-dollar industry. the smugglers are coaching them and telling them
4:47 am
exactly what they need to say so all they have to do is come here and claim that they fear to go back to their country and they don't have to provide any evidence whatsoever. steve: seems like the problem is once they are arrested, detained, and then they are released, why don't they just expedite it where, okay, they are detained, let's have the hearing right now. >> the problem is you have too many officials in the federal government that don't believe president trump is going to be reelected in 2020. they are trying to wait him out. i have spoken with many political appointees that say that the career professionals are all they during is waiting them out and hoping that they want gets. in federal employees did not vote for president trump. they are trying to throw a monkey wrench into everything he is trying to accomplish. ainsley: it breaks everyone's heart when you see parents and their kids.
4:48 am
we have to make sure we are vetting people to keep our own country safe. when i was down there on the border, they were telling me people come from all over the world. they walk in through mexico. like you said, through catch and release. we have to accept them into our country. why is that fair when you have a long list of people who aren't able to do that that are waiting to get in this country the right way? >> that's interesting. i have several family members from countries other than the united states. that immigrated to the united states legally. and they did it the right way. and so you have quote this backlog of people waiting to come to the country legally and they get very frustrated seeing these people in essence jump ahead of the line. it would be like somebody breaking into your home, sitting on your couch and saying hey, i'm here so you have to let me stay here. finance insane way of think of things. we have to be able to enforce immigration laws and have to have the political will to do. if we don't have the political will, we will be
4:49 am
talking about this every single year. ainsley: they are not really breaking the law though, are they? with catch and release they aren't breaking the law. laws need to change. steve: time for congress to do something. >> it is. they are breaking the law initially when they make the entry illegally but then through the court systems we end up releasing them. but we can. we can, in fact, hold them in many cases. we just choose not to. steve: there you go. brandon judd. president of the national border patrol council. joining us from the city of somebody a antonio, thank you. >> you bet. ainsley: still ahead, the taliban ramping up attacks. what does it mean for the war on terror? we will talk to the former commander next. steve: live from the white house press secretary sarah sanders is going to join us live from new york city where it's snowing and white house easter egg roll where it is not. ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
brian: general john campbell is with us now for the first time retired. have you been on the investor canada with the -- vere troops. i want to talk to you about that. your last command was afghanistan. despite the rules of engagement that president trump put in place, do you think anything changes in that country as the fighting season begins? >> yeah. absolutely. i think the u.s. and afghan forces continue to put a lot of pressure on the taliban. president has reached out with reconciliation offers of peace. the taliban is striking back. a lot of different attacks lately. i have a lot of confidence
4:54 am
in the afghan security forces. their air force continues to build up. new helicopters and new fighters. they have had new leadership in many key positions. i feel very optimistic about the future. brian: president cut off sanctions. haven for the taliban. >> we have been going back and forth with pakistan for years and years. engagement with pakistan and continued pressure on pakistan key. sanctuary across the border has inhibited us from doing things we need to do. i think we need to keep the pressure on. brian: big story in the "new york times." got a hold of our night vision glass. they are able to fight at night. doubled the amount of night fights we have 2014 too 2017. worried about what's going to happen in 2018. how did they get them? >> i'm sure they picked up some on the battlefield and buy some different sports stores. getting them from other countries around the area. they have had those for years in smaller numbers. again, i have confidence in the afghan forces the leadership and the u.s. forces. brian: i have confidence in you because anything you get ahold of is going to be
4:55 am
successful. new program is joining vets in a nonprofit called n-52. serving to help veterans find employment. >> and it's -- brian: my fault. ns 2. helping veterans get years. >> ns-2 serves as a branch president of four years ago he developed this program. we take vets and bring them into 12 weeks of it training and guarantee them jobs. it's life changing. four class as year and holding one now in leesburg, virginia. brian: how many soldiers. >> 20 in n. a class. going to hire all these soldiers airmen and marines in the class. life-changing. lots of organizations doing great things for vets. this one drew my attention because of the opportunities it provides for life changing training for them. brian: what's your message now hey vets go sign up. >> 9/11 vets, gold star spouse goes to www.ns 2 get all the information.
4:56 am
testimonials from graduates on there explain the program better than me. it's a life-changing skill set we provide to them. i'm very excited about it. brian: we have it on the screen ns 2 thank you so much. going to take to you again. >> thanks, brian. brian: first going to geraldo's book party tonight. >> that's right. brian: heard is his man. >> thanks. brian: president says no daca deal as caravan of immigrants marches to the u.s. did democrats drop the ball not acting sooner? we are going to debate it plus, sarah sanders going to be here live. kellyanne, eric and lara trump coming your way. ♪ i'm in love ♪ i'm a believer ♪ oriasis differently.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
note note. >> the daca deal is done. >> this is what always me about the liberal approach to immigration. they talk about it as not a
5:00 am
consequence for other people. >> the democrats blew it. we'll have to take a look. mexico has to help us at the border. >> there is footage of a caravan that includes about 1000 people making their way in our direct, possibly to overwhelm the border nice. general sessions disappointed some on the right. john huber would be a perfect person. he is working with horowitz. >> the attorney general did exactly what people wanted him to do. if he wanted to appoint a special counsel there would be a considerable delay. >> for the win. good! >> march madness spilling over into april, the notre dame claiming their second national championship in dramatic fashion. >> abby huntsman is not off today. she is at the white house waiting for the easter egg role to start. ♪
5:01 am
ainsley: it is not always easy. if you're in new york, not going to be easy today because it is snowing here and it is sticking. brian: by the way, that is what the president has been doing for the longest time, taking his own road to do a lot of things. taking his own machete, cutting his own path. he feels he knows what is best for america. steve: that is his way of negotiating. sarah sanders the white house press secretary joins us from the nation's capitol. good morning, sarah. >> great to be with you guys. hope you had a wonderful easter. steve: thank you very much. the president made it clear with a series of tweets he feel the democrats blew it regarding daca, explain. >> look the president made multiple offers on daca.
5:02 am
he wanted to see something get done and democrats refused to put something on the table or work with the president to get anything done. they wanted to use daca recipients as political pawns. i think what happened here is incredibly sad. hopefully democrats will stop playing political games and show up to do what they were elected to do and improve things for people in this country and improve the process that we're going through. the president wanted to make a deal. he made two incredibly generous offers went far and above even what previous administrations had done on daca. democrats still refused to make a deal. i think it is we're getting close to to an election. they don't want the president to win like ephas the last year-and-a-half. they want to do everything they can even hurting people across the country even if it takes a hit at the president. ainsley: sarah, we had a border patrol agent on our show talking
5:03 am
about the 1200 my grants or illegal immigrants trying to come into the our country. through catch-and-release they only have to tell them they're seeking asylum. coming from a dangerous area and they can't go back. we'll release them into our country. the president is tweeting about this. he is upset about it. he is asking congress to pass the "nuclear option" so we don't have to get 60 votes to get a ia immigration bill. >> i hope republicans do, and follow the president's lead. he has been very tough on this, for a very good reason. we have influx of drugs and gang members coming across from mexico but through mexico. they need to step up and do more. congress has to step up and do more, making sure we do everything we can to protect the people of this country. that is what the president is committed to doing. that is what he is focused on
5:04 am
last year-and-a-half. whether he congress wants to con him or not he wants to make sure we do what we can to help these people. brian: let's move over to trade if we can. china struck back today. they raised tariffs on u.s. pork, fruit, in billions of dollars. a lot of farmers are nervous. i'm sure the markets are nervous. are we beginning of a trade war, and are you talking behind the scenes? >> we're in the middle of what president trump said he would do and talking about for decades. he is tired of american workers being taken advantage of. he is is tired of our intellectual property being taken. this president is tough and fight for the american worker. just like he will fight to protect our borders. he will make sure wee protecting american workers in this country and i don't like think that the dealing you're seeing going on with china is any different. this president has been talking about -- brian: is he worried about this?
5:05 am
is he worried about hurting the very people that are voting for him? china says they are targeting the president's base. they know what they do for a living and we're going after those products. >> president knows we're in billion dollars trade deficit with china. he is tired of us being taken advantage of and them taking our intellectual property and he is fighting back. we wants to make sure we get a dad deal. that is it what people elected donald trump to come to washington to do. we've been doing the traditional way for a long time. the only thing that has done is created a bigger trade deficit with a number about countries across the world and the president is not going to let that continue. ainsley: the president and melania will be at the easter egg roll. they come out at the end of the roll and mingle with the crowd? >> yes. we're expecting a incredible crowd today, thousands of people. there are lots of kids running
5:06 am
around here. the first lady and her team has done a great job putting together a wonderful event. we're really excited. we will have to great time. my kids are. i'm sure they spend most of the time at the cookie decorating station. hopefully i pull them out of there and burn off some of the surgery garr through the easter egg roll. steve: this is bipartisan. in addition to people at the white house, you have a lot of republican families, a lot of democrat families, they all get together. >> absolutely. this is a great event. this is very important for the first family to make sure we do a lot to include military families, veterans families. one of the stations kids will stop by today is to make cards for servicemembers serving overseas. i hope that every kid has a chance to stop and do that and thank the men and women who have given us our freedoms and
5:07 am
allowed us to be out here and participate in events like this today. again, we think it will be a great one and we're really excited to open up the white house lawn and welcome the people from all across the country. brian: you mentioned military families. the president mentioned them too speaking about infrastructure. he segued to the 2,000 troops in syria. he said we'll get the hell out of there soon and let someone else do the job. senator lindsey graham, general jack keane, other people said this would be one of the worst ideas possible. reminiscent of president obama pulling all the troops out of iraq that candidate trump was so critical of. did president change policies without talking to the secretary of defense? >> look, the president wants to make sure our military is being used to the best places possible. he wants to make sure we're protecting the people in this country. he wants other countries to step up and take a bigger role. that is why he was so strong on
5:08 am
pushing people to give more on the nato process and making sure that the united states was not carrying the water for everybody. we want to be involved. we want to help but at same time we want other people to step up to put a little skin in the game. that is what the president talking about. brian: was that message to the allies, like the uk, the middle east allies, saying we need some of you guys to step in there? the message was to our allies, not really to our troops that were leaving? >> again the president wants to make sure if we're putting american lives across the globe that they're, used the best way possible. he always wants to make sure we're doing everything to protect our troops to, help our troops, and that's going to be the president's focus. sorry couldn't hear all of your question. got the military band playing in the background. hard to follow everything here in the morning. the president wants to make sure we're taking care of the
5:09 am
military and families. that is what he is talking about. steve: military band is making all the noise behind you on the truman balcony. sarah, have a happy easter monday. >> thank you, guys. brian: i hope she took time off yesterday but she is not off today. ainsley: my family left me. they're in aruba. i said no. brian: rather be here in the snow. ainsley: we're out. see you later. >> how can you say no? jillian: i wanted to stay here to enjoy the snow. good morning, guys. ainsley: there is point where parents are not paying anymore. jillian: we can talk more about that later. let's get you caught up on the a story we're following. rescuers are looking for a boy who fell into a ditch near the iconic "hollywood" sign. jesse hernandez well into a
5:10 am
drainage pipe playing near a building. the pipe drains into the los angeles river. they are searching for the child using special cameras in the pipe. navy veteran shot and rushed to the hospital minutes before the end of his shift. he was responding to a chase when a burglary suspect crashed their car and the suspect shot dead. the deputy recovering in intensive care. he is expected to survive. tens of thousands of teachers will walk out and protest. kentucky and oklahoma are demanding high every wages and better resources, the movement despite the oklahoma governor aproduceing $6100 raise. oklahoma ranks among the worst of teacher pay and education funding. notre dame claiming the second national championship in dramatic fashion. >> for the win.
5:11 am
good! wins the national championship for notre dame! jillian: oh, man, that must feel like a dream. the shot of a lifetime securing 61-58 win over mississippi state. tonight the men's turn, men taking on villanova. steve, you have villanova. steve: go cats. brian: that they will be watching that tonight and groggy tomorrow. ainsley: tell me something great about each team? steve: two doocy kids. ainsley: what about the other team? steve: michigan is man fantastic. all my friends are from michigan. it is a rivally. ainsley: like villanova where steve's money went. going with villanova. brian, what are you choosing? brian: i'm choosing to go to break. attorney general jeff sessions
5:12 am
appointing a federal prosecutor to investigate fisa abuse. is this right move? ainsley: a trooper signs off unlast time after serving his community 37 years. his message is pretty incredible we'll hear from him ahead. >> this is my final 10-7. it is honor, privilege, great career. it has been a great adventure. and live claritin clear. are made with smarttrack®igners material to precisely move your teeth to your best smile. see how invisalign® treatment can shape your smile up to 50% faster today at
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5:16 am
♪ brian: as we wait patiently for the inspector general's findings in alleged fisa abuses some lawmakers still calling for a second special counsel. ainsley: but other essay attorney general jeff sessions made the right move holding off for now. griff jenkins live in washington d.c. to break it down. reporter: several conservatives angry that not appointment of special prosecutor. session session explained the decision. and calling for that second special counsel. in this frustration was shared by republican senator lindsey graham. >> i want a special counsel to be appointed with the same resources and the same
5:17 am
determination to look at those issues as is mueller is looking at the trump campaign and i don't see that yet. reporter: two of those chairman, trey gowdy and bob goodlatte of the house judiciary and oversight committees said while they continue to call for the special counsel they believe this is a step in the right direction. some conservative senators like ron johnson see it as a positive move. >> i'm actually pleased with the appointment of john huber. he is a disinterested u.s. attorney to work with the office of inspector general. reporter: putting in perspective constitutional law professor jonathan turley who appeared on this program earlier says the combination of huber and inspector general horowitz is quite good. >> you've got a line prosecutor has many powers the ig is lacking. you have an ig who knows his way around the justice department and has already shown his independence. this is a pretty lethal combination for people that may have committed criminal acts. reporter: finally guys, to put into perspective it is very
5:18 am
important to note while sessions has chosen this path he reserves the right to appoint a special counsel in the future. inspector general michael horowitz is expected to issue his report and findings in the coming weeks, perhaps months. steve: thank you very much. absolutely if this guy, mr. huber, discovers something, you know what? i can't handle this, we do need a special counsel. so a second counsel could be coming this guy who has all sorts of authority might be -- >> i understand one person being able to handle might be better because you don't get a whole counsel involved however i just want it to be fair right now what is the happening the doj is investigating itself essentially by investigating the fbi. brian: rod rosenstein is involved which is problematic. believe it or not i think he is waiting. i think ig is waiting for comey's book to come out. he is waiting to see if that is going to add to this story or not because there are certain things that mccabe and comey
5:19 am
disagree on. if they can't possibly watch each other's back because somebody is not telling the truth. there are a lot of other things that could be in there. ainsley: comes out in a few weeks. wouldn't you think he has a copy of the book. brian: i don't know. ainsley: we get advanced copies. mine comes out the week. brian: i think you're going to be in a lot of trouble. ainsley: no. if he works for the doj, he has the authority to get a copy the book. steve: i don't know if he would do that. he would probably just wait. it's coming. who knows. this is a -- ainsley: one way or the other. all right, still ahead, a an author claims he knows who is the number one white house leaker is. >> so if you wonder why there are some leaks out of the white house, one reason is kellyanne is the number one leaker. ainsley: kellyanne conway joins us next to respond to that. brian: i'm sure she will. the president says there will be no daca deal as caravan of
5:20 am
immigrants come to the u.s. did the republicans not take advantage of an opportunity they had? we'll debate it. badda book. bad. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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♪ brian: glad you're up. hope you're dressed. now some headlines. first it was confederate monuments. one city pulling down a presidential statue. the city council of arcata, california, voting to take down the memorial to president william mckinley. they accused the former president ordering killing native americans. replacing statue will cost
5:24 am
$65,000. there is a huge pushback. taking a knee in seattle. happened before the mariners. what do you say to elementary kids taking a knee? ♪ were so gallantly -- brian: thanks, colin kaepernick, we appreciate it. now to ainsley. >> thanks so much, brian. we're talking a lot this morning about caravan of immigrants. 1200 are marching towards the united states. the story getting president trump's attention and putting the spotlight on the border. the president just tweeting, daca is dead because the democrats didn't care or act. now everyone wants to get into the daca bandwagon or on to the daca bandwagon no longer works. must build a wall to secure our boarders. democrats want no borders, hence drugs and crime. did the democrats drop the ball
5:25 am
on daca. we have the chair of pro-american trump ban. eric beach. you say you guys dropped the ball. you didn't accept the original plans. now there is no deal, what do you say. >> i think the president is inaccurate with that. this, make no mistake about it, the president is the quarterback here. he will take all the blame or he is going to get all the glory. in this case with these immigrants marching towards mexico and him complaining about the border not being sufficient enough, whatever happens is all going to fall on him. the democrats had their opportunities, they made some mistakes. this will all fall on the president. we'll see what happens in these elections in november. ainsley: eric, what do you think? is that accurate? what is your response to him? >> well they're not marching toward mexico. they're marching through mexico because we have lax border security. the reality is, not just the democrats but the republicans lost a golden opportunity here,
5:26 am
because they had an opportunity to build the wall in return for possibly a daca compromise. of course the democrats weren't going to vote for that, that shows you where their true colors are. they always come up with a financial argument but you know, $113 billion the taxpayers have to pay in regards to benefits for illegal aliens, so i think this is an opportunity for the republicans to reinforce trump's campaign promise of building the wall. ainsley: anthony, do you have a problem with stricker immigration laws? we had a guest on earlier telling us what catch-and-release really means it. means any of those people coming from violent communities can walk through mexico from south america and into our country. once they take one foot, once they step into our country, and they talk to these border agents, the border agents has to let that person in our country and has to release them into our country until a court date. you're okay with that? >> i don't know i'm going to say
5:27 am
if i'm not for stricter laws but i do have an issue with anyone who wants to come to this country fleeing persecution and looking for a better life. this is no different than what the italians, irish did at the turn of the century. so for us to look at this differently now because they're coming from a country where the majority of people are color is totally un-american. and i believe that our laws are strict enough but if they're fleeing persecution, they have a legal right to come to a place where they feel safe. what other place is better than america? what other place is better for them to have upward mobility than america? obviously there may be bad apples in the bunch. some people who might not be here for the right reasons but i think that number is few and far in between. so let the people come here let the immigrant here and let's see what happens. let the laws work and see what happens. ainsley: eric. >> who is the arbiter of that?
5:28 am
also, that can be -- >> the court is arbiter of that. the courts are the arbiter of that. >> who dictate who is being persecuted and who is not? there are a lot of people all over the world at some point in time we're a country or we're not. we're not a country if we don't have a well. we should have the except the best and brightest into this country and america first policies. we need policies that don't undercut middle class america. >> that is the same argument made centuries, ago when the italians, irish and jews here. when i see -- ainsley: they came through ellis island at time. here is the problem, why even get on the list? why even do it the right way? it takes years for some people to do this. what we're telling people you don't have to do that anymore. get on a plane or a boat or walk your way through mexico and we'll let you in?
5:29 am
>> also set as precedent for other laws. we're a nation of laws. it set as precedent. it's a bad precedent to set. this is up to the democrats. they had a reopportunity here, anthony, to get a daca compromise. they blew that opportunity. it was a great deal on the table by the president. you're right he is the driving force. but mark my words, if illegal immigration is number one issue in these midterm elections they will pay the price at election booth. >> i disagree with that. ainsley: thank you so much. i appreciate you both being here debbie wasserman schultz wants background checks to buy bullets. when it comes to handling computers with congressional data, forget it. the revealing report, coming up. abby is live at the white house easter egg roll this morning. abby, what is coming up there. >> there is officially chaos in the white house. kids have taken over. you can see behind me. you hear about the white house easter egg role.
5:30 am
it is a egg roll. eggs rolling the eggs with a wooden spoon. this is some of the fun we're having on the south loon. i'm talking to special counsel to the president, kellyanne conway. a lot of breaking news happening this morning. we'll get her take and have a little fun this morning. stick around. we'll be back after this. ♪ help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at and got them back on track. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪
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♪ brian: hate to contradict bono. it is not a beautiful day. it is snowy here. the. steve: all the kids who get to run loose on the white house lawn it is -- ainsley: it is white house, brians easter egg roll. brian: by my accuracy, my accuracy bothers you.
5:34 am
it does. ainsley: it is not accurate. steve: i think everybody there would say it is beautiful day. brian: it is foggy, it is cold. it is april 2nd, i'm angry. steve: weatherwise not a beautiful day. brian: you might be in a good mood, despite the weather. we'll speak in abby huntsman or kellyian conway or abby will speak to kellyanne. ainsley: first-hand it over to jillian. did you watch the game? jillian: i did. steve: go jayhawks. jillian: it is not beautiful out there, heavy wet snow. brian: forced to practice indoors. jillian: i know. how dare mother nature. get you caught up with some of your headlines. starting with this, 50 democrats waived background checks for pakistani i.t. aids that includes former d.c. compare debbie wasserman schultz. finding 44 democrats chose not
5:35 am
to vet imran i juan and several family members using a loophole. he worked schultz arrested for bank fraud waiting for are a flight to pakistan last year. he said he was too rich to no right from wrong. today he will walk free. ethan couch, the "affluenza" teen will be released from a texas jail. he was sentenced to rehab and probation, killing four people driving drunks at 16 years old. he was thrown in jail after violating probation when he ran away to mexico with his mom. you have to see this, a trooper's emotional final radio call is going viral. >> that is 2988, 37 years, three weeks later. it has been a great ride. thank you very much. keep smiling. jillian: mark gilbert retiring from the arizona department of public safety after nearly four decades. earlier he told us what he is
5:36 am
looking forward to in the next chapter. >> don't have any bullet holes. feel very fortunate. very blessed. somebody is watching over me i think. to spend time with me wife and grandkids. do a little traveling. and some other activities and enjoy live. jillian: catch the full interview at what an amazing career, right? ainsley: i know. i know. will jill -- jillian: wiping tears from his ice. brian: most do it because they don't get rich. they don't do it for the pensions. adam klotz doesn't do it for the money either. he is doing the weathercast for free, he loves being in the elements. adam, are you working for free? >> this is spring in new york city. can you believe it? this is what spring looks like. i promise there are places where spring is feeling a bit more spring-like. look at temperatures across the
5:37 am
country. if you run into the south spring does exist. when you talk about spring-like temperatures you're talking about pollen as well. this is the pollen count in houston tomorrow. high on both of these accounts. why? temperatures are there. you're seeing some flowers bloom, trees blossom in that area. charlotte, north carolina, another area where spring is in session. guys, i can't wait for it to be spring here. i'm stuck in the snow. it is good to know at least some folks are enjoying it. ainsley: it will be here before you know it. august you will wish for that weather. steve: here comes the pollen. give me some claratin. brian: by the way the yankees game is on as of now. let's go to abby huntsman. she promises to interview kellyanne conway. abby, are you fulfilling that promise? >> i found kellyanne conway, she is tough to track down. i found her kids first.
5:38 am
still a lot of news this morning kellyanne, the counselor to the president. announces the president will be with shinzo abe, the prime minister of japan in april. talking about north korea? >> yes. absolutely continue international campaign of maximum pressure on north very. the prime minister will come to mar-a-lago after the president's trip to colombia. president trump has establish ad great relationship with relationship with president abe. they have been able to from the beginning that february meeting at mar-a-lago a year ago really worked together on issues that affect obviously our two nations but also that entire region. talking about the cornerstone is peace and stability. obviously economic issues. but, very much on everybody's mind now is north korea. you know, abby, should be lost on no one, that the president
5:39 am
in -- like they have never seen the media freaked out. they were all, what is he doing. the president accepts a invitation, possibly under his conditions to come to the table, and they freak out. he will continue what he is doing trying to find a way to tackle the big issues of the day. obviously north korea on everybody's mine and on the table literally when they're down in mar-a-lago. ainsley: have all the allies on the same page as they handle north. >> that's right. >> there is book coming out ronald kessler, showing president trump in positive light. he talks about him in the future seeing more of a reagan figure but disliked by media. he will get a lot done. you are not portrayed postively. he says you are to blame for some of the leaks. when he met with you, you had negative things to say about ivanka and jared? into no. i have a great working relationship and great working relationship with jared and ivanka.
5:40 am
i have a dinner with them recently at their house. the president and i talked about number of issues, talked about that very briefly because there are some things happening. he knows, he said publicly privately who the leakers and liars are. there is a lot less leaking in the white house. >> some still exists in the white house. >> perhaps. let me make clear something you know, you are there and have two eyes. if somebody puts kellyanne interview on chiron in a headline, you get clicks and kicks. we're not really discussing that here at all today. we don't need a book to tell us this is, mr. trump is going to be a great president. those of us who have the privilege of having access to him, working here every single day which inspire as lot of jealously and backbiting itself. we know he is great president, we don't need a book to tell us that. i travel around the country with
5:41 am
her on policy issues. so, nobody is really talking about it. i want to say one thing. leakers get great press. i got a lot of texts and emails yesterday, wow, i feel so left out. you never tell me anything. leakers get great press. one day, abby i will have my say. so that -- >> that you will. i have no doubt of that. >> very fascinating. i will have my say. i keep my counsel while i'm here because i work in the white house and government employee and blessed and privileged to be here. people ought to think twice about that we learned a a long time around here, opposition party, fake news, bias media, they can talk to the media all day long because nobody would sus tech them. i am a public face. >> you are on the show all the time, you express those views. we're here for a little fun. you brought your daughters. >> yes. >> can they come in. >> yes. come on, girls. >> they are the cutest.
5:42 am
>> come on, first. into you guys were here last year at the easter egg roll. charlotte is 10, vanessa eight. >> you're the spitfire. >> harper is the cousin. >> you have so much fun at easter egg role. >> what do you guys do for easter it. >> we happened to be in palm beach. took the girls there for a couple well deserved days off. we went toe st. edwards, beautiful church in the heart of palm beach. had a beautiful mass. we have traditions at home. i grew up in a italian household. we have wonderful tradition. my grandmother made homemade ham pies and spinach pies and great fees on easter. for us, every religious holiday jesus is at center of that. yesterday was no different. >> you have beautiful girls. you have pretty good mom. >> you like her. >> she is okay. >> my mom. >> you guys have a great time. >> thank you so much.
5:43 am
congratulations to the new mom. >> any quick tips, with all these girls? >> [inaudible]. >> it is a blessing and every single day. i highly recommend it. keep going. your mom had seven. >> that's true. >> god bless you. >> ainsley, brac to you guys. ainsley: thank you. cute. brian: 17 minutes before the top. hour. straight ahead the president taking on amazon. deal with the postal service a scam. brian brenberg is here to break down the business relationship next with a touch-screen. ainsley: eric trump will join us from the white house just ahead. ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over
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♪ brian: media is revving up its criticism of president trump calling its latest comments about amazon and the u.s. post office bizarre and wrong. trump tweeting this. it is reported that the u.s. post office will lose $1.50 for each package delivered by amazon. this post office scam must stop. does the president have a point here? let's ask a guy good with numbers, associate professor at kings college, brian brenberg is back. amazon versus the postal system they think they are in a deal. >> amazon has a the deal with the post office. there is an issue here. president is talking about the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems with the postal service. they're losing money on amazon but losing money across the board. we have to fix the bigger problem. here are the losses past 11 years. they lost money every single year. over $60 billion total. that is problem taxpayers will
5:48 am
have to bear unless they can start getting back black. brian: we're not licking stamps. we're emailing a lot. >> we're not licking stamps. there is lot of ways to get communication from one person to the number. it doesn't have to be the through. brian: since 2007, we lost $60 billion. >> cumulatively $60 billion. the pot office had to borrow 15 billion through the treasury to find some of that. if they don't pay that back, it ends up in taxpayer es laps. brian: you said it should be privatized. nobody actually wants to make the tough decision. >> we live in a different world. the question we have to ask, do we need a government sponsored postal service in i think the answer is no. we don't need that, because we have other ways to get information, i love the way you're playing with this thing. brian: we have too many great screens. >> we're so tech-savvy we don't need the post office. >> hid the mitt did.
5:49 am
-- hit the middle. thank you. thank you. thank you, steve. we lose $1.46 per package. >> amazon is being undercharged. the post office needs to raise the price to get back to break even. they're not doing that. >> postage stamps are too cheap. >> stamps are too cheap. if you're losing billions of dollars a year everything is too cheap. that is the problem right now. they would have to raise prices we all would pay a little more. brian: $30 billion less in first class mail. >> this is a huge number. 30 billion pieces a year. only 5% of correspondence is personal correspondence. brian: amazon is getting a great deal but the post office has bigger problems? >> post office has more bigger problems. we need a more fundamental look what we're doing with the post office. brian: if you're in the post office, you're doing a great job. it he is not your fault. we need a better business plan. >> yes. brian: abby will sit down and
5:50 am
stan up with eric and laura trump. bill hemmer always sits down when i toss to him. >> did you have a good weaning? >> i did, bill. only one to can me all today. you're so polite. >> you sound so sincere right now. good morning. what is up with the mexican caravan. better question, who is behind it, huh? is president trump ready to get out of syria? general jack keane argues that is the wrong move. congress leaks like "gossip girl." that from trey gowdy. jason chaffetz reacts. see you in ten minutes, top of the hour. that's why my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. mosquitoes too? yep. kills all three through contact - no biting required. wish my owner knew about k9 advantix ii. ow! well...could be worse. -ooh. glorious.
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♪ . steve: was the yankees game postponed? >> i got word the yankees game will be postponed.
5:54 am
they might not play the rest of the season. ainsley: we're getting snow and rain. brian: meanwhile that doesn't bother abby huntsman. she is with eric and laura and luke trump. >> good morning, guys. look who they brought? little luke. look at this hair. >> newest member of the family. how much fun are you guys having? last year, ainsley was here for "fox & friends," you guys both both of your dogs. how much changes within a year? >> incredible. between this he is so much fun. he has been so much fun. we had amazing year. we're so blessed, so fortunate, the family. >> lost your shoe already. >> live television. he is teething. >> a big guy. squirming as you can see. >> he was technically here last year. not just out for the year. >> makes life more full. easter means so much. do you have a trump family tradition. >> we were always down in
5:55 am
florida. spent a lot of time down there. family gets together. we get together for a big meal. we did that yesterday. you know how important family is to us. this is the next generation. he has a lot of other cousins and -- >> what is his personality like? can you get a sense? into such a happy baby. i can't believe how lucky we are. he is so happen -- so happy. he smiles all the time. almost his nap time. >> i keep thinking i got the best picture of him. i look, two months old. he still looks cuter now. >> they always look cuter and cuter in our ice. laura, you were just in north carolina. getting a sense how people are feeling, how small businesses are doing. what is your takeaway? >> i got to go to my home state of north carolina. go over to abby. i was down there with a small business owners, the shortwaves brewing company in newport
5:56 am
north carolina. they were telling me how great tax cuts and jobs act has been for their business. they hired more employees. given raises to the current employees. they're epit my of the american dream. their business is everything to them. they were saying how grateful they are to the president for everything he has been able to do for them. >> just looking the eggs, kids rolling down. 30,000 eggs donated from different farms. white house easter egg roll. one of the all american great events. >> talk to people around here, they're excited. the economy is on fire. people have jobs once again. manufacturing coming back to the country. really, really nice thing to see. wages are up. people in this country are happy. when you ignore all the nonsense spewed on the other side, this country is well, the economy is great. >> luke is very, very happy. you guys are so great to come on with us. we'll be back after this, guys. ♪
5:57 am
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>> we'll go to the after the show show. you'll see the new website and hear us. if you are going to run this morning, run to the radio. >> that's where i'm going. >> bill: breaking overnight. monday, new showdown over immigration. president trump saying there will be no deal on daca. stepping up calls for tougher border security after reports of hundreds of illegals traveling through mexico heading for the u.s. this is going to be an interesting meeting at the border eventually. good monday morning on this easter monday. hope you had a great holiday weekend. i'm bill hemmer. bill welcome back to heather. >> nice to see you. >> bill: snowing outside. >> april fools from yesterday, right? i'm heather childress in for sandra smith. the president fired off a series of tweets today saying democrats are refusing to secure our borders. and calling on republicans to go nuclear if


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